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Al DeGregoris
Time Sensitive

Al DeGregoris - Time Sensitive

“More than simply a wondrously melodic funkified keyboard extravaganza, Al DeGregoris’ highly anticipated new album Time Sensitive is a celebration of the unique and exhilarating creative partnership of two like-minded musicians. Jeff Lorber may be the legendary veteran with a 30-year head start on DeGregoris as a recording artist, and the credited producer of these irrepressible tracks, yet they are true creative equals, crafting vibrant melodies and tight yet free flowing harmonies for their respective retro keyboards. In the end, Time Sensitive is DeGregoris’ solo baby, but his decision to work purely with Lorber this time has resulted in an album that grooves and flows, equally showcasing their individual and collective talents.” - Jonathan Widran

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"Cookie Jar"


  1. 1. Cookie Jar
  2. 2. Mauritius
  3. 3. The Point
  4. 4. Into The Sun
  5. 5. Sandbox
  6. 6. People Power
  7. 7. The Other Night
  8. 8. Odyssey
  9. 9. Time Sensitive
  10. 10. Mythland