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Akuna Art

Akuna Art - Anthropology

Akuna Art’s 4th album, Anthroplogy is powered by a lineup of amazing featured artists (DGIO, Isa, Lea Milh, Elan Noelle and Mechi Pieretti) and some incredible players - Yaelle B (backing vocals), Maria Grigoyeva (violins), Jason Meekins (Drums), Jacques Milh (piano), Josh Plotner (Sax) and Rafik Taourh (Percussion) - who joined Akuna Art (vocals, guitars, synth and programming). This album features fifteen tracks full of space and texture that mash up electro, pop, and funk with virtuoso musicianship.

TAGS: Club/Dance | Pop

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  1. 1. Crazy
  2. 2. Can You Feel It (Featuring Elan Noelle)
  3. 3. Never Lose The Wonder (Featuring DGIO)
  4. 4. A Smile On Your Face
  5. 5. Contagious (Featuring Lea Milh)
  6. 6. The Keeper (Featuring Isa)
  7. 7. Out Of This World
  8. 8. Come To Me (Featuring Elan Noelle)
  9. 9. Alive
  10. 10. Daylight (Featuring Mechi Pieretti)
  11. 11. Sunset
  12. 12. Living Out Loud (Featuring Elan Noelle)
  13. 13. Be That Way
  14. 14. Gonna Make You Mine (Featuring Isa)
  15. 15. Crazy (Extended Version)