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Agustin Lira And Alma
Songs Of Struggle & Hope

Agustin Lira And Alma - Songs Of Struggle & Hope

A powerhouse of the farmworker and Chicano civil rights movements, social activist Agustín Lira spun out songs that fueled the pioneering political theater group Teatro Campesino. From the United Farmworkers grape strike in 1965 through the next half-century of his original music with a message, Lira tenaciously tells the truth as he sees it. On Songs Of Struggle & Hope, he and his trio Alma treat us to signature songs of La Causa as well as to new creations that speak of homelessness, child obesity, personal loss, and hope for the future.

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"Quihubo, Raza (What's Happening, People)"


  1. 1. Quihubo, Raza (What's Happening, People)
  2. 2. El Inmigrante (The Immigrant)
  3. 3. Juan Cortina
  4. 4. Alma (Soul/Spirit)
  5. 5. Gregorio Cortez
  6. 6. Summer Winds (Vientos De Verano)
  7. 7. Los Zapatistas (The Zapatistas)
  8. 8. The Leaf (La Hoja)
  9. 9. If You're Homeless (Si Eres Desamparado)
  10. 10. El Indio (The Indian)
  11. 11. Taps For Coke (Toque De Queda Para Coca)
  12. 12. She Won't Be There (Ella No Estaral Alli)
  13. 13. I Have Been Here Forever (Yo He Estado Aqui Por Siempre)
  14. 14. The Old Man (El Viejo)
  15. 15. Ser Como El Aire Libre (Be Free Like The Wind)
  16. 16. When I Die (Cuando Yo Me Muero)