New Releases For March 1, 2011

Lives And Treasure

Acrylics - Lives And Treasure

Acrylics is the musical partnership of Molly Shea and Jason Klauber. Their debut album Lives and Treasure is concise but extremely potent, and each listen reveals something previously undiscovered. A simple melody restlessly builds upon a baroque set of chords. Harmonies enter and disappear like ghosts. It all coalesces into a sparkling, meditative album of uncommon beauty.

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  1. 1. Counting Sheep
  2. 2. Molly's Vertigo
  3. 3. The Window
  4. 4. Sparrow Song
  5. 5. Nightwatch
  6. 6. Tortoise Shell Shades
  7. 7. It's Cool Here
  8. 8. Asian Pear
  9. 9. Lives And Treasure
  10. 10. The Catacombs