New Releases For April 17, 2020

Abysmal Dawn

Abysmal Dawn - Phylogenesis

“Abysmal Dawn’s Phylogenesis is death metal for a new age!” – Decibel Magazine

After six years of silence, American death metal collective Abysmal Dawn have returned with Phylogenesis, their most technical and refined offering to date. The highly anticipated album displays a clear evolution from the band as they put forth a complex cacophony of searing riffs, blood-curdling vocals, and pummeling drums.

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  1. 1. Mundane Existence
  2. 2. The Path Of The Totalitarian
  3. 3. Hedonistic
  4. 4. A Speck In The Fabric Of Eternity
  5. 5. Coerced Evolution
  6. 6. True To The Blind
  7. 7. Soul-Sick Nation
  8. 8. The Lament Configuration