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Above & Beyond
We Are All We Need

Above & Beyond - We Are All We Need

Above & Beyond’s new album We Are All We Need places human relationships at its core. Whether on "We’re All We Need," a defiant ode to friendship, the anthemic "Blue Sky Action" or the possessive post break-up tension of "Sticky Fingers," it explores the experiences and emotions that bind us. The band worked with highly respected Andrew Bayer on the production of the album, which features 16 tracks including vocal collaborations with Zoë Johnston, Alex Vargas and Justine Suissa (Ocean Lab).

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"We’re All We Need (Featuring Zoe Johnston)"


  1. 1. Quieter Is Louder
  2. 2. We’re All We Need (Featuring Zoe Johnston)
  3. 3. Blue Sky Action (Featuring Alex Vargas)
  4. 4. Peace Of Mind (Featuring Zoe Johnston)
  5. 5. Counting Down The Days (Featuring Gemma)
  6. 6. Sticky Fingers (Featuring Alex Vargas)
  7. 7. Hello (Album Mix)
  8. 8. Little Something (Featuring Justine Suissa)
  9. 9. All Over The World (Featuring Alex Vargas)
  10. 10. Fly To New York (Featuring Zoe Johnston)
  11. 11. Making Plans (Featuring Alex Vargas)
  12. 12. Out Of Time
  13. 13. Excuses
  14. 14. Save Me (Featuring Zoe Johnston)
  15. 15. Sink The Lighthouse (Featuring Alex Vargas)
  16. 16. Treasure (Featuring Zoe Johnston)

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 09
    Split, Croatia Ultra Europe Festival 2021
  • Aug 06
    Helsinki, Finland Weekend Festival 2021
  • Aug 26
    Halton, UK Creamfields 2021
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