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Aaron Diehl
The Vagabond

Aaron Diehl - The Vagabond

The best way to describe Aaron Diehl’s new recording The Vagabond, is that it is a quiet masterpiece. While this is thoroughly a jazz recording rooted in precedents set by Diehl’s forbearers such as Art Tatum, Ahmad Jamal, and John Lewis, it will come as no surprise to fans of Diehl’s previous two Mack Avenue recordings that clear references are made to his background and simultaneous career as a classical music performer. The Vagabond also features Diehl’s interpretation of “March From Ten Pieces For Piano, Op. 12” written by Russian great Sergei Prokofiev and “Piano Etude No. 16” by Philip Glass.

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"Magnanimous Disguise"


  1. 1. Polaris
  2. 2. Lamia
  3. 3. Magnanimous Disguise
  4. 4. Park Slope
  5. 5. The Vagabond
  6. 6. Kaleidoscope Road
  7. 7. Treasure’s Past
  8. 8. March From Ten Pieces For Piano, Op. 12
  9. 9. A Story Often Told, Seldom Heard
  10. 10. Milano
  11. 11. Piano Etude No.16

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