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A, B, C, & D Of Boogie Woogie
Live In Paris

A, B, C, & D Of Boogie Woogie - Live In Paris

The A, B, C & D Of Boogie Woogie take their name from the initials of the four members: Axel Zwingenberger, Ben Waters, Charlie Watts & Dave Green. Formed in 2009 they have quickly established a reputation for themselves at the forefront of boogie woogie music.

Live In Paris is their first album and was recorded over several nights in September 2010 at the Duc Des Lombards jazz club in Paris. The set list is their regular mix of originals, improvisations and blues and boogie woogie standards all played with their trademark virtuosity and love for the genre.

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"Duc De Woogie Boogie"


  1. 1. Bonsoir Boogie!
  2. 2. Evolution Blues
  3. 3. (Get Your Kicks On) Route 66
  4. 4. Somebody Changed The Lock On My Door
  5. 5. Roll 'Em Pete
  6. 6. Duc De Woogie Boogie
  7. 7. Street Market Drag
  8. 8. Struttin' At Sebastopol
  9. 9. More Sympathy For The Drummer
  10. 10. Blues Des Lombards
  11. 11. Down The Road A Piece
  12. 12. St Louis Blues
  13. 13. Low Down Dog
  14. 14. Encore Stomp