New Releases For July 24, 2012

Life's Quest

8Ball - Life's Quest

8Ball is one half of the rap duo 8Ball & MJG, pioneers of Southern rap from Memphis, TN. 8Ball and MJG has sold over 4 million albums. Life's Quest is a new 8Ball solo album featuring his new single 'Good Girl Bad Girl.' The album features guest appearances from Big Krit and 2 Chainz and is bound to appeal to all 8Ball & MJG fans who love their unique style and sound.

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"Good Girl Bad Girl"


  1. 1. Indestructible (Featuring Keelyn Ellis)
  2. 2. This That (Featuring Singa)
  3. 3. We Buy Gold (Featuring MJG & Big Krit)
  4. 4. Gothataway (Featuring LC)
  5. 5. Don't Bring Me Down (Featuring 2 Chainz)
  6. 6. Good Girl Bad Girl
  7. 7. Touch
  8. 8. The Price (Featuring Ebony Love)
  9. 9. Life's Quest (Featuring Angie Stone)
  10. 10. Lucky's Theme Song
  11. 11. You'll Never Know
  12. 12. Good Days (Featuring Slim)