New Releases For August 21, 2020


47SOUL - Semitics

Semitics, 47SOUL’s third release mixes stomping, no-compromise dance music with challenging, thoughtful lyrics in both Arabic and English. It is unpredictable and adventurous, shifting between different textures, tunes, languages and vocals from each of the collective members. The title takes its roots from one of the most emotionally-charged words in the English language but the collective wants to highlight that present-day Semitic language doesn’t just mean Hebrew – it includes all Semitic languages. Semitics utilizes theological, historical and geographical themes with a focus on freedom, community and hope for everyone.

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"Dabke System"


  1. 1. Witness
  2. 2. Border Ctrl (Featuring Shadia Mansour, Fedzilla)
  3. 3. Arab Arab
  4. 4. Hold Your Ground (Featuring Lowkey)
  5. 5. Thobe
  6. 6. Dabke System
  7. 7. Sam's People
  8. 8. Run (Featuring The Synaptik,Tamer Nafar)
  9. 9. Lil Disco
  10. 10. 47 Cocktail (Featuring Hasan Minawi)