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3rd Force - Global Force

The new 3rd Force album, Global Force, is the long awaited follow up to their previous four hit albums whose titles all incorporated the “force” concept. Multi-instrumentalists & sonic architects William Aura and Craig Dobbin are the duo and foundation of the 3rd Force sound with special guests Lawson Rollins (flamenco guitar), Brian Hughes (electric guitar), Multi-instrumentalist Alain Eskinasi, accordionist Brian Mann, harpist Peter Sterling, saxman Derrick Edmonson and the hugely popular Nepali trio Kutumba. They all come together to create a dynamic, explosive fusion of genre-transcending songs and global consciousness.

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"Big Shot"


  1. 1. Big Shot
  2. 2. Breakout
  3. 3. Carry On
  4. 4. Compassion Passion
  5. 5. Day Into Night
  6. 6. Follow Me Home
  7. 7. Out Of The Storm
  8. 8. Shadow Of Love
  9. 9. You Are The One
  10. 10. We’ll Be Together