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10 Ft. Ganja Plant

10 Ft. Ganja Plant - Skycatcher

'They could be from New England, they could be from Hawaii, but from the sounds of these tunes, their hearts belong somewhere in the smoky hills of Jamaica.' - The Wire'

Smokin' 70s style Jamaican dub!' - jambands.com

'... spliffed out and fun.' - XLR8R

'10 Ft. Ganja Plant is woven of authentic Jamaican colors... Purists should know that 10 Ft. are neither mockingbirds nor worshippers at the temple. They are old-school scholars teaching a generation weaned on dancehall the joy of knowing one's roots.' - Global Rhythm

TAGS: Dub | Jam Band | Reggae

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"State Of Man"


  1. 1. In The Garden
  2. 2. It's True
  3. 3. Collect The Trophy
  4. 4. Sounding Zone
  5. 5. State Of Man
  6. 6. Skycatcher
  7. 7. Where Do You Want To Be
  8. 8. Hypocrites In This Town
  9. 9. Sometimes We Play
  10. 10. Sing And Dance

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