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Newest Electronic Albums & Song Releases

Ultra 2015 by Various Artists

Various Artists

Ultra 2015

Play & Info Play Ultra 2015 Information about Ultra 2015


Released 12/9/14

5 years of mau5 by deadmau5


5 years of mau5

Play & Info Play 5 years of mau5 Information about 5 years of mau5


Released 11/24/14

Abandon Ship by Knife Party

Knife Party

Abandon Ship

Play & Info Play Abandon Ship Information about Abandon Ship

Big Beat

Released 11/24/14

Vapor City Archives by Machinedrum


Vapor City Archives

Play & Info Play Vapor City Archives Information about Vapor City Archives

Ninja Tune

Released 11/17/14

Down To Earth by Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities

Down To Earth

Play & Info Play Down To Earth Information about Down To Earth

Future Classic / Glassnote

Released 10/27/14

Syro by Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin


Play & Info Play Syro Information about Syro


Released 9/23/14

_hello world by Information Society

Information Society

_hello world

Play & Info Play _hello world Information about _hello world


Released 9/23/14

This Is Cave Music by Moon Hooch

Moon Hooch

This Is Cave Music

Play & Info Play This Is Cave Music Information about This Is Cave Music


Released 9/16/14

In Return by ODESZA


In Return

Play & Info Play In Return Information about In Return


Released 9/9/14

Junto by Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx


Play & Info Play Junto Information about Junto

PIAS America

Released 8/26/14

Before The Dawn Heals Us (Reissue) by M83


Before The Dawn
Heals Us (Reissue)

Play & Info Play Before The Dawn Heals Us (Reissue) Information about Before The Dawn Heals Us (Reissue)


Released 8/26/14

Ultra Deep House by Various Artists

Various Artists

Ultra Deep House

Play & Info Play Ultra Deep House Information about Ultra Deep House


Released 6/24/14

N.O.W. Is The Time by Nightmares On Wax

Nightmares On Wax

N.O.W. Is The Time

Play & Info Play N.O.W. Is The Time Information about N.O.W. Is The Time


Released 6/17/14

Mosaic by Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow


Play & Info Play Mosaic Information about Mosaic


Released 6/10/14

Bounce It Out by Balkstar


Bounce It Out

Play & Info Play Bounce It Out Information about Bounce It Out

T Dance Digital

Released 6/3/14

The Global Music Network (DVD) by Various Artists

Various Artists

The Global Music Network (DVD)

Play & Info Play The Global Music Network (DVD) Information about The Global Music Network (DVD)

Global Groove Network

Released 6/3/14

Friendly Bacteria by Mr. Scruff

Mr. Scruff

Friendly Bacteria

Play & Info Play Friendly Bacteria Information about Friendly Bacteria

Ninja Tune

Released 5/19/14

Shatter Me by Lindsey Stirling

Lindsey Stirling

Shatter Me

Play & Info Play Shatter Me Information about Shatter Me

Lindsey Stomp Music

Released 4/29/14

After Hours by Timeflies


After Hours

Play & Info Play After Hours Information about After Hours


Released 4/29/14

La Vie Electronique Vol. 14 by Klaus Schulze

Klaus Schulze

La Vie Electronique
Vol. 14

Play & Info Play La Vie Electronique Vol. 14 Information about La Vie Electronique Vol. 14

Made In Germany

Released 3/11/14

After The Dark (The Philosophers) by Soundtrack


After The Dark
(The Philosophers)

Play & Info Play After The Dark (The Philosophers) Information about After The Dark (The Philosophers)

Varese Sarabande

Released 3/11/14

globalFEST Selector by Various Artists

Various Artists

globalFEST Selector

Play & Info Play globalFEST Selector Information about globalFEST Selector


Released 3/4/14

Voices by Phantogram



Play & Info Play Voices Information about Voices


Released 2/18/14

Ghettoville by Actress



Play & Info Play Ghettoville Information about Ghettoville

Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune

Released 1/28/14

Chiaroscuro by I Break Horses

I Break Horses


Play & Info Play Chiaroscuro Information about Chiaroscuro

Bella Union / PIAS America

Released 1/28/14

The Crystal Method by The Crystal Method

The Crystal Method

The Crystal Method

Play & Info Play The Crystal Method Information about The Crystal Method

Tiny e

Released 1/14/14

Ultra 2014 by Various Artists

Various Artists

Ultra 2014

Play & Info Play Ultra 2014 Information about Ultra 2014


Released 11/25/13

Outside by CFCF



Play & Info Play Outside Information about Outside

Paper Bag

Released 11/19/13

Snow Globe by Erasure


Snow Globe

Play & Info Play Snow Globe Information about Snow Globe


Released 11/11/13

Freaks by The Hawk In Paris

The Hawk In Paris


Play & Info Play Freaks Information about Freaks

Birds Of Prey

Released 10/29/13

Exit (Digital Single) by MAOR


(Digital Single)

Play & Info Play Exit (Digital Single) Information about Exit (Digital Single)

27 Records

Released 10/22/13

Wenu Wenu by Omar Souleyman

Omar Souleyman

Wenu Wenu

Play & Info Play Wenu Wenu Information about Wenu Wenu


Released 10/22/13

Innocents by Moby



Play & Info Play Innocents Information about Innocents


Released 9/30/13

Hide by The Bloody Beetroots

The Bloody Beetroots


Play & Info Play Hide Information about Hide

Ultra / Dim Mak

Released 9/17/13

Feelin' Good by Nightmares On Wax

Nightmares On Wax

Feelin' Good

Play & Info Play Feelin' Good Information about Feelin' Good


Released 9/17/13

Sanctuary by Infinity Shred

Infinity Shred


Play & Info Play Sanctuary Information about Sanctuary


Released 9/10/13

Atmosphere by Kaskade



Play & Info Play Atmosphere Information about Atmosphere


Released 9/10/13

Pain Is Beauty by Chelsea Wolfe

Chelsea Wolfe

Pain Is Beauty

Play & Info Play Pain Is Beauty Information about Pain Is Beauty

Sargent House

Released 9/3/13

Dance Your Ass Off (Salsoul Remixes) by Various Artists

Various Artists

Dance Your Ass Off (Salsoul Remixes)

Play & Info Play Dance Your Ass Off (Salsoul Remixes) Information about Dance Your Ass Off (Salsoul Remixes)


Released 9/3/13

Ultra Trap by Various Artists

Various Artists

Ultra Trap

Play & Info Play Ultra Trap Information about Ultra Trap


Released 9/3/13

Dreaming Into Being by Bluetech


Dreaming Into Being

Play & Info Play Dreaming Into Being Information about Dreaming Into Being

Sounds True

Released 8/27/13

Om Yoga Vol. 2, Modern Music For Vinyasa/Flow by Various Artists

Various Artists

Om Yoga Vol. 2, Modern Music For Vinyasa/Flow

Play & Info Play Om Yoga Vol. 2, Modern Music For Vinyasa/Flow Information about Om Yoga Vol. 2, Modern Music For Vinyasa/Flow

Om Records

Released 8/20/13

Dark & Stormy EP by Hot Chip

Hot Chip

Dark & Stormy EP

Play & Info Play Dark & Stormy EP Information about Dark & Stormy EP


Released 7/30/13

Internal: Music For Dissolving by Jamie Catto & Alex Forster

Jamie Catto &
Alex Forster

Internal: Music For...

Play & Info Play Internal: Music For Dissolving Information about Internal: Music For Dissolving

Sounds True

Released 7/30/13

Calling From The Stars by Miss Kittin

Miss Kittin

Calling From The Stars

Play & Info Play Calling From The Stars Information about Calling From The Stars


Released 7/30/13

Electric by Pet Shop Boys

Pet Shop Boys


Play & Info Play Electric Information about Electric


Released 7/16/13

The Real by Ayah Marar

Ayah Marar

The Real

Play & Info Play The Real Information about The Real


Released 7/9/13

Piece Of Work by Mekon


Piece Of Work

Play & Info Play Piece Of Work Information about Piece Of Work

The End / Wall Of Sound

Released 7/9/13

International Takeover by Mr. 305 Featuring Pitbull & Friends

Mr. 305 Featuring
Pitbull & Friends

International Takeover

Play & Info Play International Takeover Information about International Takeover


Released 7/9/13

Apocalypse by Thundercat



Play & Info Play Apocalypse Information about Apocalypse


Released 7/9/13

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