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Newest Americana Albums & Song Releases

36 *cent* by The Bacon Brothers

The Bacon Brothers

36 ¢

Play & Info Play 36 *cent* Information about 36 *cent*


Released 9/16/14

Shine For All The People by Mike Farris

Mike Farris

Shine For All The People

Play & Info Play Shine For All The People Information about Shine For All The People


Released 9/16/14

Don't Let The World See Your Love by Spencer Burton

Spencer Burton

Don't Let The World
See Your Love

Play & Info Play Don't Let The World See Your Love Information about Don't Let The World See Your Love

Dine Alone

Released 9/16/14

The Heartbeat Of America (DVD) by Country Roads

Country Roads

The Heartbeat Of America (DVD)

Play & Info Play The Heartbeat Of America (DVD) Information about The Heartbeat Of America (DVD)

ArtHaus Musik

Released 9/9/14

Strangers by David Mayfield

David Mayfield


Play & Info Play Strangers Information about Strangers


Released 9/9/14

Haven't Got The Blues (Yet) by Loudon Wainwright III

Loudon Wainwright III

Haven't Got The Blues (Yet)

Play & Info Play Haven't Got The Blues (Yet) Information about Haven't Got The Blues (Yet)

429 Records

Released 9/9/14

Step Back by Johnny Winter

Johnny Winter

Step Back

Play & Info Play Step Back Information about Step Back


Released 9/2/14

On The Road To Spearfish by Billy Talbot Band

Billy Talbot Band

On The Road To Spearfish

Play & Info Play On The Road To Spearfish Information about On The Road To Spearfish


Released 8/26/14

Hits & Favorites (Reissue) by Faron Young

Faron Young

Hits & Favorites

Play & Info Play Hits & Favorites (Reissue) Information about Hits & Favorites (Reissue)


Released 8/26/14

Sixty by John Cowan

John Cowan


Play & Info Play Sixty Information about Sixty


Released 8/26/14

Nat Stuckey Really Sings: Essential Country Collection by Nat Stuckey

Nat Stuckey

Really Sings: Essential Country Collection

Play & Info Play Nat Stuckey Really Sings: Essential Country Collection Information about Nat Stuckey Really Sings: Essential Country Collection


Released 8/26/14

Ske-Dat-De-Dat...The Spirit Of Satch by Dr. John

Dr. John

Ske-Dat-De-Dat...The Spirit Of Satch

Play & Info Play Ske-Dat-De-Dat...The Spirit Of Satch Information about Ske-Dat-De-Dat...The Spirit Of Satch


Released 8/19/14

Dine On Danger by Lost Dog Found

Lost Dog Found

Dine On Danger

Play & Info Play Dine On Danger Information about Dine On Danger

~ Unsigned ~

Released 8/19/14

The 5 String Flamethrower by Rob McCoury

Rob McCoury

The 5 String Flamethrower

Play & Info Play The 5 String Flamethrower Information about The 5 String Flamethrower

McCoury Music

Released 8/19/14

Rocco DeLuca by Rocco DeLuca

Rocco DeLuca

Rocco DeLuca

Play & Info Play Rocco DeLuca Information about Rocco DeLuca

429 Records

Released 8/19/14

Rockabilly Riot! All Original by Brian Setzer

Brian Setzer

Rockabilly Riot!
All Original

Play & Info Play Rockabilly Riot! All Original Information about Rockabilly Riot! All Original


Released 8/12/14

Cold Spell by Frank Solivan & Dirty Kitchen

Frank Solivan &
Dirty Kitchen

Cold Spell

Play & Info Play Cold Spell Information about Cold Spell


Released 8/12/14

Any Way, Shape Or Form by Ben Miller Band

Ben Miller Band

Any Way, Shape
Or Form

Play & Info Play Any Way, Shape Or Form Information about Any Way, Shape Or Form

New West

Released 8/5/14

Long In The Tooth by Billy Joe Shaver

Billy Joe Shaver

Long In The Tooth

Play & Info Play Long In The Tooth Information about Long In The Tooth

Lightning Rod

Released 8/5/14

Departures by The Once

The Once


Play & Info Play Departures Information about Departures


Released 8/5/14

The Voyager by Jenny Lewis

Jenny Lewis

The Voyager

Play & Info Play The Voyager Information about The Voyager

Warner Bros.

Released 7/29/14

Hypnotic Eye by Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers

Hypnotic Eye

Play & Info Play Hypnotic Eye Information about Hypnotic Eye


Released 7/29/14

Passing Through by Grace Griffith

Grace Griffith

Passing Through

Play & Info Play Passing Through Information about Passing Through

Blix Street

Released 7/22/14

Baby Please Don't Go (Reissue) by Big Joe Williams

Big Joe Williams

Baby Please Don't Go

Play & Info Play Baby Please Don't Go (Reissue) Information about Baby Please Don't Go (Reissue)


Released 7/15/14

Surrounded by Buffy & Larry

Buffy & Larry


Play & Info Play Surrounded Information about Surrounded

~ Unsigned ~

Released 7/15/14

Terms Of My Surrender by John Hiatt

John Hiatt

Terms Of My Surrender

Play & Info Play Terms Of My Surrender Information about Terms Of My Surrender

New West

Released 7/15/14

Central Reservation: Expanded Edition by Beth Orton

Beth Orton

Central Reservation: Expanded Edition

Play & Info Play Central Reservation: Expanded Edition Information about Central Reservation: Expanded Edition

3 Loop Music

Released 7/8/14

Bridges by Mary Sarah And Friends

Mary Sarah And Friends


Play & Info Play Bridges Information about Bridges


Released 7/8/14

Dharma Blues by Peter Rowan

Peter Rowan

Dharma Blues

Play & Info Play Dharma Blues Information about Dharma Blues


Released 7/8/14

Remedy by Old Crow Medicine Show

Old Crow
Medicine Show


Play & Info Play Remedy Information about Remedy


Released 7/1/14

A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD) by Buffy Sainte-Marie

Buffy Sainte-Marie

A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD)

Play & Info Play A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD) Information about A Multimedia Life: The Documentary (DVD)

True North

Released 6/24/14

Beyond The Blue by The Duhks

The Duhks

Beyond The Blue

Play & Info Play Beyond The Blue Information about Beyond The Blue


Released 6/24/14

Move Your Body by Rebirth Brass Band

Rebirth Brass Band

Move Your Body

Play & Info Play Move Your Body Information about Move Your Body

Basin Street

Released 6/24/14

Radio Sweetheart by Sarah Borges

Sarah Borges

Radio Sweetheart

Play & Info Play Radio Sweetheart Information about Radio Sweetheart

Lonesome Day

Released 6/24/14

In The Now by Iain Matthews & Egbert Der*iacute*x

Iain Matthews &
Egbert Deríx

In The Now

Play & Info Play In The Now Information about In The Now


Released 6/17/14

Joy Mining by Iain Matthews & Searing Quartet

Iain Matthews &
Searing Quartet

Joy Mining

Play & Info Play Joy Mining Information about Joy Mining


Released 6/17/14

Partly Fiction by Harry Dean Stanton

Harry Dean Stanton

Partly Fiction

Play & Info Play Partly Fiction Information about Partly Fiction


Released 6/3/14

Between The Hard Place & The Ground by Michael Bloomfield

Michael Bloomfield

Between The Hard Place & The Ground

Play & Info Play Between The Hard Place & The Ground Information about Between The Hard Place & The Ground


Released 6/3/14

The Ceaseless Sight by Rich Robinson

Rich Robinson

The Ceaseless Sight

Play & Info Play The Ceaseless Sight Information about The Ceaseless Sight

The End / Circle Sound

Released 6/3/14

Essential Chicago Blues: Rarities Collection by Various Artists

Various Artists

Essential Chicago Blues: Rarities Collection

Play & Info Play Essential Chicago Blues: Rarities Collection Information about Essential Chicago Blues: Rarities Collection


Released 6/3/14

Runaway's Diary by Amy LaVere

Amy LaVere

Runaway's Diary

Play & Info Play Runaway's Diary Information about Runaway's Diary


Released 5/27/14

Our Year by Bruce Robison & Kelly Willis

Bruce Robison
& Kelly Willis

Our Year

Play & Info Play Our Year Information about Our Year

Premium Records

Released 5/27/14

Man & Guitar by Ian Siegal

Ian Siegal

Man & Guitar

Play & Info Play Man & Guitar Information about Man & Guitar

Nugene / Cadiz

Released 5/27/14

Time Is Coming by Indigenous


Time Is Coming

Play & Info Play Time Is Coming Information about Time Is Coming

Blues Bureau / Shrapnel

Released 5/27/14

Songs by John Fullbright

John Fullbright


Play & Info Play Songs Information about Songs

Blue Dirt

Released 5/27/14

World Of Strangers by Zoe Muth

Zoe Muth

World Of Strangers

Play & Info Play World Of Strangers Information about World Of Strangers

Signature Sounds

Released 5/27/14

All Their Best by The Blackwood Brothers

The Blackwood Brothers

All Their Best

Play & Info Play All Their Best Information about All Their Best


Released 5/19/14

Hell Of A Spell (Reissue) by Doug Sahm

Doug Sahm

Hell Of A Spell

Play & Info Play Hell Of A Spell (Reissue) Information about Hell Of A Spell (Reissue)


Released 5/19/14

The Garden Spot Program, 1950 by Hank Williams

Hank Williams

The Garden Spot Program, 1950

Play & Info Play The Garden Spot Program, 1950 Information about The Garden Spot Program, 1950


Released 5/19/14

Goin' Home by Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Kenny Wayne Shepherd

Goin' Home

Play & Info Play Goin' Home Information about Goin' Home


Released 5/19/14

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