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Newest EDM Albums & Song Releases

Ultra 2015 by Various Artists

Various Artists

Ultra 2015

Play & Info Play Ultra 2015 Information about Ultra 2015


Released 12/9/14

Vapor City Archives by Machinedrum


Vapor City Archives

Play & Info Play Vapor City Archives Information about Vapor City Archives

Ninja Tune

Released 11/17/14

Down To Earth by Flight Facilities

Flight Facilities

Down To Earth

Play & Info Play Down To Earth Information about Down To Earth

Future Classic / Glassnote

Released 10/27/14

Syro by Aphex Twin

Aphex Twin


Play & Info Play Syro Information about Syro


Released 9/23/14

Junto by Basement Jaxx

Basement Jaxx


Play & Info Play Junto Information about Junto

PIAS America

Released 8/26/14

From Dusk To Dub by Blackburner


From Dusk To Dub

Play & Info Play From Dusk To Dub Information about From Dusk To Dub


Released 6/24/14

Ultra Deep House by Various Artists

Various Artists

Ultra Deep House

Play & Info Play Ultra Deep House Information about Ultra Deep House


Released 6/24/14

Popular by Michelle Johnson

Michelle Johnson


Play & Info Play Popular Information about Popular

Cloverdale Music

Released 6/10/14

Mosaic by Throwing Snow

Throwing Snow


Play & Info Play Mosaic Information about Mosaic


Released 6/10/14

Bounce It Out by Balkstar


Bounce It Out

Play & Info Play Bounce It Out Information about Bounce It Out

T Dance Digital

Released 6/3/14

Donker Mag by Die Antwoord

Die Antwoord

Donker Mag

Play & Info Play Donker Mag Information about Donker Mag


Released 6/3/14

The Global Music Network (DVD) by Various Artists

Various Artists

The Global Music Network (DVD)

Play & Info Play The Global Music Network (DVD) Information about The Global Music Network (DVD)

Global Groove Network

Released 6/3/14

Ghettoville by Actress



Play & Info Play Ghettoville Information about Ghettoville

Werkdiscs / Ninja Tune

Released 1/28/14

Chiaroscuro by I Break Horses

I Break Horses


Play & Info Play Chiaroscuro Information about Chiaroscuro

Bella Union / PIAS America

Released 1/28/14

The Crystal Method by The Crystal Method

The Crystal Method

The Crystal Method

Play & Info Play The Crystal Method Information about The Crystal Method

Tiny e

Released 1/14/14

Trap Music Box by Various Artists

Various Artists

Trap Music Box

Play & Info Play Trap Music Box Information about Trap Music Box


Released 7/2/13

Ultra Music Festival 2013 by Various Artists

Various Artists

Ultra Music Festival 2013

Play & Info Play Ultra Music Festival 2013 Information about Ultra Music Festival 2013


Released 4/2/13

50 Shades Of Dubstep by Various Artists

Various Artists

50 Shades Of Dubstep

Play & Info Play 50 Shades Of Dubstep Information about 50 Shades Of Dubstep

Hypnotic / Cleopatra

Released 2/12/13

Music Box Opera by Delerium


Music Box Opera

Play & Info Play Music Box Opera Information about Music Box Opera


Released 10/30/12

Dubstep Anthems by Various Artists

Various Artists

Dubstep Anthems

Play & Info Play Dubstep Anthems Information about Dubstep Anthems


Released 10/30/12

Until Now by Swedish House Mafia

Swedish House Mafia

Until Now

Play & Info Play Until Now Information about Until Now


Released 10/22/12

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