New Releases For May 27, 2014

Zoe Muth
World Of Strangers

Zoe Muth - World Of Strangers

World of Strangers is slow building and spacious, often dream-like and fearless in its demand of your time and attention. Muth has taken risks for the sake of the song, asking the listener to let go of expectations. And while the album sometimes begs you to two-step and waltz, more often than not, what it wants is for you to turn up the volume, turn the lights down low and just listen.

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"Make Me Change My Mind"


  1. 1. Little Piece Of History
  2. 2. Mama Needs A Margarita
  3. 3. Make Me Change My Mind
  4. 4. Annabelle
  5. 5. April Fool
  6. 6. Somebody I Know
  7. 7. Too Shiny
  8. 8. Waltz Of The Wayward Wind
  9. 9. Taken All You Wanted
  10. 10. What Did You Come Back Here For?