New Releases For May 10, 2011

Young Legionnaire
Crisis Works

Young Legionnaire - Crisis Works

Young Legionnaire is a London based trio formed by Gordon Moakes (Bloc Party), Paul Mullen (yourcodenameis:milo) and rounded out by Dean Pearson on drums. Their debut album, Crisis Works, is a record loosely concerned with the idea that crisis can be engineered around us to make us more pliable. It is about volume, being heavy and being loud, as Gordon puts it, '(We wanted) to make a big, juddering noise but weave a trail of melody through it'. He goes on; 'Even though the format of guitar, bass, drums and vocal is established, is nothing groundbreaking, the possibilities are endless. There's always another riff to write, a heavier sound to find. The record is about the brutal, the fragile and the possible.'

Produced by Rich Jackson (Future Of The Left, The Automatic) the album combines the ferocious dynamics of ...Trail of Dead with the intensity of Husker Du, it is an album full of power and intent.

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  1. 1. Twin Victory
  2. 2. Numbers
  3. 3. Chapter, Verse
  4. 4. Even The Birds
  5. 5. Black Lions
  6. 6. A Hole In The World
  7. 7. These Arms
  8. 8. Blood Dance
  9. 9. Nova Scotia
  10. 10. Mortgage Shock
  11. 11. Young Salute
  12. 12. Futures Finished