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Young Dreams
Between Places

Young Dreams - Between Places

Young Dreams are a symphonic pop ensemble from Bergen, Norway, headed up by mighty Matias Tellez. With a lineup of musicians that starts at six and blossoms to as many as twelve at any given performance, they've already captured the imaginations of dreamy pop lovers.

The collective's debut album, Between Places, is a wonderfully respectful interpretation of classical pop and symphonic forms made in an entirely modern way. It's looking in the rearview but with the foot to the floor to the future.

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"Fog Of War"


  1. 1. Footprints
  2. 2. Wounded Hearts Forever
  3. 3. Fog Of War
  4. 4. First Days Of Something
  5. 5. When Kisses Are Salty
  6. 6. Dream Alone, Wake Together
  7. 7. The Girl That Told Me To Drink And Fight
  8. 8. Through The Turnstiles
  9. 9. Young Dreams