New Releases For March 3, 2015

Young Buffalo

Young Buffalo - House

Power pop is an infamously tricky genre to master, and music is littered with bands who were either too slick or too cornball to really conjure up golden harmonies worthy of Weezer, Teenage Fanclub or Cheap Trick. Praise be, then, for Mississippi five-piece Young Buffalo, whose debut album House stands tall next to those forefathers. Genre classifications aside, the supremely infectious House is simply one of the first great albums of 2015 in any field.

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"No Idea"


  1. 1. Man In Your Dreams
  2. 2. No Idea
  3. 3. Guilt
  4. 4. Cliff Diver
  5. 5. My Place
  6. 6. Sykia
  7. 7. Black Eye
  8. 8. Summertime Blondes
  9. 9. Pill
  10. 10. Old Soul
  11. 11. Beat Back