New Releases For January 15, 2013

Yo La Tengo

Yo La Tengo - Fade

Fade is the most direct, personal and cohesive album of Yo La Tengo's career. Recorded with John McEntire at Soma Studios in Chicago, it recalls the sonic innovation and lush cohesion of career high points like 1997's I Can Hear the Heart Beating as One and 2000's And Then Nothing Turned Itself Inside Out.

The album is a tapestry of fine melody and elegant noise, rhythmic shadowplay and shy-eyed orchestral beauty, songfulness and experimentation.

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"Before We Run"


  1. 1. Ohm
  2. 2. Is That Enough?
  3. 3. Well You Better
  4. 4. Paddle Forward
  5. 5. Stupid Things
  6. 6. I'll Be Around
  7. 7. Cornelia And Jane
  8. 8. Two Trains
  9. 9. The Point Of It
  10. 10. Before We Run