New Releases For December 8, 2009

Yngwie Malmsteen
High Impact

Yngwie Malmsteen - High Impact

High Impact is a compilation of Yngwie's most masterful instrumental performances, including 'Arpeggios From Hell,' 'Blitzkrieg,' 'Trilogy Suite,' 'Brothers,' 'Overture 1622,' 'Cantabile,' 'Blue,' 'Red House,' 'Fugue,' and 'Magic City.'

This unique compilation is described as a mind boggling, high paced instrumental compilation record, which also captures a very rare live performance of 'Far Beyond the Sun' and a never before released bonus track of Yngwie's interpretation of the mega hit classic 'Beat It,' which contains his own magical touch to the song and Tim Ripper Owens on vocals.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal


  1. Caprici Di Diablo
  2. Brothers
  3. Blitzkrieg
  4. Trilogy Suite
  5. Red House
  6. Finale
  7. Magic City
  8. Arpeggios From Hell
  9. Far Beyond the Sun
  10. Cantabile
  11. Blue
  12. Overture 1622
  13. Fugue
  14. Beat It

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 24
    Kragujevac, Serbia Arsenal fest 2020
  • Sep 18
    Madrid, Spain Yngwie Malmsteen at Unknown venue
  • Sep 19
    Pamplona, Spain Yngwie Malmsteen at Auditorio De Burlada
  • Sep 20
    Barcelona, Spain Yngwie Malmsteen at Razzmatazz
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