New Releases For March 15, 2011


Yellowjackets - Timeline

Nearly two generations of fans have enjoyed the lasting influence and jazz tradition of Yellowjackets - 30 years of continuous service to America's native art form have made them unique in a business known for faddishness and important in that ever-changing world of music.

Russell Ferrante - Jimmy Haslip - Will Kennedy - Bob Mintzer. All universally recognized innovators on their own and part of jazz history collectively as Yellowjackets mark this occasion with an all-new release entitled appropriately enough, Timeline. Also features Robben Ford.

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  1. 1. Why Is It
  2. 2. Tenacity
  3. 3. Rosemary
  4. 4. Timeline
  5. 5. Magnolia
  6. 6. A Single Step
  7. 7. Indivisible
  8. 8. Like Elvin
  9. 9. My Soliloquy
  10. 10. Numerology
  11. 11. I Do

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Mar 13
    Omaha, NE, US Yellowjackets at Holland Center, Omaha Performing Arts Center
  • Mar 17
    New York (NYC), NY, US Yellowjackets at Birdland Jazz Club
  • May 15
    Zoetermeer, Netherlands Yellowjackets at De Boerderij
  • May 26
    Munich, Germany Yellowjackets at Hotel Bayerischer Hof
  • May 29
    Berlin, Germany Yellowjackets at Quasimodo
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