New Releases For March 13, 2012

Our Home Is A Deathbed

Xerxes - Our Home Is A Deathbed

Our Home Is A Deathbed features 11 new songs by the band and will be supported by a series of non-stop US and worldwide tour dates.

Xerxes took shape in early 2008 in Louisville, KY with a sound that channels the energy and passion of mid-90's originators You and I and Saetia, while adding the more upbeat and brutal thrash mentality of contemporaries such as Trash Talk and Ampere, making for a sound that runs the gamut of blast-beat aggression and emotional rumination.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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  1. 1. Wake
  2. 2. Sleep
  3. 3. Tide/This Place As A Prison
  4. 4. Suburban Asphalt
  5. 5. Fever Dream
  6. 6. Summer Storms / Winter Leaves
  7. 7. February
  8. 8. Our City As A Floodplain
  9. 9. Funeral Home
  10. 10. Sleepwalking With You
  11. 11. Our Home Is A Deathbed