New Releases For July 31, 2015

Fire & Ashes EP

Xandria - Fire & Ashes EP

Following the release of the universally praised studio album Sacrificium and the successful debut of charismatic vocalist Dianne van Giersbergen, the new EP Fire & Ashes rises like a phoenix. With full symphonic force, three brand new songs and two special remakes of Xandria favorites “Ravenheart” and “Now & Forever,” it showcases the band at their very best. On top of that the band recorded two exclusive cover songs including “Don`t Say A Word” (Sonata Arctica) and “I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won’t Do That)” (Meat Loaf). Both are recorded perfectly with emotional sweeping arrangements, crowned by the breathtaking voice of Dianne.

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"Don't Say A Word"


  1. 1. Voyage Of The Fallen
  2. 2. Unembraced
  3. 3. In Remembrance
  4. 4. I'd Do Anything For Love (But I Won't Do That)
  5. 5. Ravenheart (Remake)
  6. 6. Now & Forever (Remake)
  7. 7. Don't Say A Word

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