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Xanadu All-Stars
Xanadu In Africa & Night Flight To Dakar

Xanadu All-Stars - Xanadu In Africa & Night Flight To Dakar

Available on CD for the very first time, Xanadu In Africa & Night Flight To Dakar is an unabashedly swinging 2-CD set that captures a late-‘70s tour of West Africa by an all-star quintet of Xanadu recording artists - Al Cohn, Billy Mitchell, Frank Butler, Leroy Vinnegar, and Dolo Coker.

"This is not an album of African folk songs or music played on traditional African instruments; it is the effect of the vibrations in Africa (vibrations going back to the beginnings of man) on five great American jazz musicians coming together, from all parts of the US, for the first time, to participate in what each has said they consider to be one of the most memorable experiences of their lives." - M. K. Kahn

TAGS: Jazz | Live | Reissue

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"Night Flight To Dakar"


  1. DISC ONE: Xanadu In Africa
  2. 1. All Or Nothing At All
  3. 2. Robbins Nest
  4. 3. I Surrender, Dear
  5. 4. Blues In The Closet
  6. DISC TWO: Night Flight To Dakar
  7. 1. Night Flight To Dakar
  8. 2. Don’t Let The Sun Catch You Crying
  9. 3. Blues Up And Down
  10. 4. Sweet Senegelese Brown
  11. 5. The King