New Releases For July 3, 2012

Wolves At The Gate

Wolves At The Gate - Captors

The follow-up to the band's touted 2011 EP We Are the Ones, the album finds the band living up to and by all accounts surpassing the huge potential recognized by critics and fans alike. No longer constrained by the limits of an EP, the members of Wolves At The Gate were able to showcase the explosive growth of their songwriting, from luscious, melodic rock tracks to lip-splitting hardcore stomps. Produced by Andreas Magnussen, Captors is a blisteringly heavy full-length debut with the potential to appeal to every variety of rocker - from fans of metalcore to traditional metal to mainstream hard rock.

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"Dead Man"


  1. 1. The Harvest
  2. 2. Awaken
  3. 3. Morning Star
  4. 4. Dead Man
  5. 5. In Your Wake
  6. 6. Slaves
  7. 7. Step Out To The Water
  8. 8. Amnesty
  9. 9. Safeguards
  10. 10. Through The Night
  11. 11. Man Of Sorrows