New Releases For February 14, 2012

All My Lovely Goners

Winterpills - All My Lovely Goners

The western Massachusetts band's fifth release stretches well beyond Winterpills' previous boundaries on thirteen new songs that are at once identifiable, yet broader. All My Lovely Goners embraces the hushed vocal harmonies and graceful chamber-pop sound the group has made its trademark, while pushing the quintet into new sonic realms.

Together, singer/songwriter/guitarist Philip Price, singer/keyboardist Flora Reed, guitarist Dennis Crommett, bassist Brian Akey and drummer Dave Hower have essentially redefined the creative spirit of Winterpills.

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"Rogue Highway"


  1. 1. We Turned Away
  2. 2. Amazing Sky
  3. 3. Small Bright Doses
  4. 4. Rogue Highway
  5. 5. Pretty Girls
  6. 6. January Rain
  7. 7. The Sun Is Alone
  8. 8. Minxy
  9. 9. October
  10. 10. Dying Star
  11. 11. Fleur-De-Luce
  12. 12. Sunspots (Ruins)
  13. 13. Feather Blue

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