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William Fitzsimmons
Gold In The Shadow

William Fitzsimmons - Gold In The Shadow

William Fitzsimmons is equal parts songwriter and psychotherapist, creating captivating music which uniquely melds depravity, honesty, and autobiography into a counterintuitively seamless whole. Gold In The Shadow is about Fitzsimmons' personal regeneration in the aftermath of those experiences.

Based on a specific set of psychopathological disorders from the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders IV (DSM-IV), Fitzsimmons describes the songs as 'a real and long coming confrontation with personal demons, past mistakes, and the specter of mental illness which has hovered over me for the great majority of my life.'

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"The Tide Pulls From The Moon"


  2. 1. The Tide Pulls From The Moon
  3. 2. Beautiful Girl
  4. 3. The Winter From Her Leaving
  5. 4. Fade And Then Return
  6. 5. Psychasthenia
  7. 6. Bird Of Winter Prey
  8. 7. Let You Break (Feat. Leigh Nash)
  9. 8. Wounded Head
  10. 9. Tied To Me
  11. 10. What Hold

  13. 11. Bird Of Winter Prey (Acoustic Version)
  14. 12. Ever Could
  15. 13. The Tide Pulls From The Moon (Acoustic Version)
  16. 14. From The Water
  17. 15. Blood And Bones
  18. 16. Fade And Then Return (Acoustic Version)
  19. 17. Psychasthenia (Acoustic Version)
  20. 18. Tied To Me (Acoustic Version)
  21. 19. By My Side
  22. 20. Gold In Shadow

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • May 06
    Leipzig, Germany William Fitzsimmons at Täubchenthal
  • May 07
    Erlangen, Germany William Fitzsimmons at E-Werk - Erlangen
  • May 08
    Bochum, Germany William Fitzsimmons at Zeche
  • May 09
    Frankfurt, Germany William Fitzsimmons at Sankt Peter
  • May 11
    Amsterdam, Netherlands William Fitzsimmons at Het Zonnehuis
  • May 13
    London, UK William Fitzsimmons with Jim and Sam at Omeara
  • May 14
    Manchester, UK William Fitzsimmons with Jim and Sam at The Deaf Institute
  • May 16
    Paris, France William Fitzsimmons at Les Trois Baudets
  • May 18
    Madrid, Spain William Fitzsimmons at Cafe Berlin
  • May 19
    Barcelona, Spain William Fitzsimmons at Centre Artesà Tradicionàrius
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