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Wild Moccasins
88 92

Wild Moccasins - 88 92

Behind the infectious rhythms and pulsating beats of Houston peripatetic pop troupe Wild Moccasins, there is undeniable chemistry. It's a combustion of frenetic sounds that expands like an exploding star, on dance floors as the eclectic quintet sweats it on stage and on their wide-ranging album, 88 92. Wild Moccasins provide escapism of the most visceral kind, those times where you forget everything - that job, those bills, your loved ones - and live in the moment.

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"Emergency Broadcast"


  1. 1. Open Sesames
  2. 2. Sponge Won't Soak
  3. 3. Eye Makeup
  4. 4. Real
  5. 5. Soft Focus
  6. 6. Eighty-Eight Ninety-Two
  7. 7. Pray For Rain
  8. 8. Emergency Broadcast
  9. 9. Full-Time Fetish
  10. 10. Painless Mouth
  11. 11. Gag Reflections
  12. 12. When I Said I Saw It Coming

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 20
    Tupelo, MS, US Wild Moccasins at The Blue Canoe
  • Feb 21
    Nashville, TN, US Wild Moccasins at The Basement
  • Feb 22
    Cincinnati, OH, US Wild Moccasins at MOTR
  • Feb 23
    Kent, OH, US Wild Moccasins at Stone Tavern at Michel's
  • Feb 24
    Cleveland, OH, US Grateful Shred and Wild Moccasins with Mapache, The Tom Katlees, and 1 moreā€¦ at Beachland Ballroom and Tavern
  • Feb 26
    Cambridge, MA, US Wild Moccasins at The Middle East - Downstairs
  • Feb 27
    Brooklyn, NY, US Wild Moccasins at Knitting Factory - Brooklyn
  • Feb 28
    Asbury Park, NJ, US Wild Moccasins at The Saint
  • Mar 03
    Philadelphia, PA, US Wild Moccasins at Ortlieb's
  • Mar 05
    Richmond, VA, US Wild Moccasins at Capital Ale House Music Hall
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