New Releases For March 31, 2017

White Violet
Ages (Vinyl)

White Violet - Ages (Vinyl)

Ages began as an experiment in writing and recording an album and ended up being a document of time. Recorded incrementally over the course of a year, each pair of songs in each volume builds upon the previous one — shifting and changing as each moment did. This process allowed us to follow the direction of the record only a few steps in front of the listener, engaging the audience in the process.

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  1. 1. Time
  2. 2. Both Of Our Views
  3. 3. Hallway
  4. 4. Room I Left
  5. 5. Low
  6. 6. Rituals
  7. 7. Waves
  8. 8. Other Words
  9. 9. Between
  10. 10. Annual Friends

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