New Releases For February 12, 2016

Wheeler Walker Jr.
Redneck Shit

Wheeler Walker Jr. - Redneck Shit

The first album from the “new” Wheeler Walker Jr. is called Redneck Shit and it pulls no say the least. Redneck Shit is produced by Dave Cobb (Sturgill Simpson, Jamey Johnson, Chris Stapleton, Jason Isbell) and backed up by an all-star band who have played with George Jones, Waylon and Shooter Jennings, Sturgill Simpson, and Jamey Johnson. Needless to say, it’s the catchiest X-rated country album to come out of Nashville since... well, ever.

TAGS: Country

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"Fuck You Bitch"


  1. 1. Redneck Shit
  2. 2. Beer, Weed, Cooches
  3. 3. Family Tree
  4. 4. Can’t Fuck You Off My Mind
  5. 5. Fuck You Bitch
  6. 6. Drop ‘Em Out
  7. 7. Eatin’ Pussy Kickin’ Ass
  8. 8. Fightin’, Fuckin’, Fartin’
  9. 9. Better Off Beatin’ Off
  10. 10. Sit On My Face
  11. 11. Which One O’ You Queers Gonna Suck My Dick

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