New Releases For June 21, 2011

Wheeler Brothers

Wheeler Brothers - Portraits

Formed in Austin, Texas, Wheeler Brothers are quickly emerging as one of Austin's most exciting up-and-coming bands. The five-piece independent folk-rock act combines the indie vibe of Austin with the twang of Texas folk. Brothers Nolan, Tyler and Patrick met Danny Matthews at LSU where they spent much of their time picking guitars and swapping stories in the bar rooms of Baton Rouge and New Orleans. The band was completed by the addition of lifelong friend and Austin singer/songwriter A.J. Molyneaux. Each member brings his own ideas and sounds to the group, with styles blending indie rock, blues and folk.

'It's rare to find an introductory album that creates such an immediate impression.' - Zimmerman (No Depression)

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  1. 1. Long, Hard Road
  2. 2. Mississippi
  3. 3. Home For The Holidays
  4. 4. Jersey
  5. 5. Call Me In the Morning
  6. 6. Portraits
  7. 7. Just Another City
  8. 8. Save The Nightly (Too Young)
  9. 9. Focus
  10. 10. Spent Time
  11. 11. Ghost In The Valley

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