New Releases For November 20, 2015

Western Star

Western Star - Fireball

“Baltimore’s Western Star re-electrify rock and roll on new LP Fireball…rock and roll is very much alive and well in 2015…(with bands) putting out incredible records and ripping up music venues wherever they go. Baltimore’s Western Star is one of those bands with a soaring guitar-rock sound that flows sheer electricity. This quartet from Charm City release their debut album Fireball this week (it’s out via San Antonio label Saustex) and it’s a pure gem in every sense…at times it’s hard to tell whether you’re listening to a punk song, a heartland rock ballad, or a ’70s-era metal rager. The melding of all three creates excellent results.” Rob Duguay - Vanyaland

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  1. 1. Fireball
  2. 2. Ghostchaser
  3. 3. The Difference
  4. 4. Thousand Heartaches
  5. 5. Forever And A Day
  6. 6. Aeroangel
  7. 7. Clockwork
  8. 8. For Cryin’ Out Loud
  9. 9. Lady Killer
  10. 10. Stars And Cards
  11. 11. Closer To The Edge
  12. 12. Oracle