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Your Hero Is Not Dead

Westerman - Your Hero Is Not Dead

Your Hero Is Not Dead is an album about empathy and compassion, struggle and release, and all the ways we contradict and battle within ourselves. The project is full of supremely crafted, groove-hinged songs about moral, political, and ethical grey areas, that find Westerman attempting to resolve external issues by looking inward.


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  2. 1. Drawbridge
  3. 2. The Line
  4. 3. Big Nothing Glow
  5. 4. Waiting On Design
  6. 5. Think I'll Stay
  7. 6. Dream Appropriate
  8. 7. Easy Money
  9. 8. Blue Comanche
  10. 9. Confirmation
  11. 10. Paper Dogs
  12. 11. Float Over
  13. 12. Your Hero Is Not Dead

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jul 31
    San Francisco, CA, US Westerman at The Independent
  • Aug 20
    London, UK Westerman at Hoxton Hall Youth Arts Centre
  • Oct 19
    Paris, France Westerman at La Boule Noire
  • Oct 25
    Berlin, Germany Westerman at ACUD Macht Neu
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