New Releases For March 8, 2011

Revenge Of The Barracuda

WC - Revenge Of The Barracuda

New album from west coast hip hop legend WC features the new single 'You Know Me' featuring Ice Cube and Maylay. WC is one of Los Angeles' most dominant street artists. WC emerged on the hip hop scene back in the golden era of the west coast sound, later joining forces with Ice Cube to become a member of The West Side Connection. WC and Ice Cube are currently on tour throughout the US.

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"You Know Me (Featuring Ice Cube & Maylay)"


  1. 1. You Know Me (Featuring Ice Cube & Maylay)
  2. 2. Reality Show
  3. 3. What's Good
  4. 4. That's What I'm Talking About
  5. 5. Stickin to the Script
  6. 6. 100% Legit
  7. 7. Walkin In My Taylors
  8. 8. D Boy
  9. 9. Hustla
  10. 10. Dr Mandingo
  11. 11. DUB C