New Releases For October 30, 2012

Waves Of Fury

Waves Of Fury - Thirst

Waves Of Fury are a South London-based garage-soul band that weld together dirty fuzzy riffs, Motown horns and proto-punk vocals. They have been described as 'a Motown-tinged Jesus & Mary Chain,' and 'a head-on musical collision between the Stooges via the Funhouse era and a Stax soul revue.'

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"Businessman's Guide To Witchcraft"


  1. 1. Death Of A Vampire
  2. 2. I Don't Know What To Make Of Your Fucked Up Friends
  3. 3. Businessman's Guide To Witchcraft
  4. 4. JellyRoll
  5. 5. Killer Inside Me
  6. 6. These Things I Leave You
  7. 7. Pretender Soul
  8. 8. The Everlasting Thirst
  9. 9. Nervous Exhaustion
  10. 10. Viodrene