New Releases For August 20, 2013

The Wild Hunt

Watain - The Wild Hunt

Watain is satanic metal at its most frightening and fascinating. The Wild Hunt takes Watain's highly lauded and highly controversial career to new depths - irreverent, dark and visceral as ever.

They will bring their intensely visceral live shows to U.S. shores this fall for a headlining tour that promises to strengthen their already rabid horde of fans.

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"All That May Bleed"


  1. 1. Night Vision
  2. 2. De Profundis
  3. 3. Black Flames March
  4. 4. All That May Bleed
  5. 5. The Child Must Die
  6. 6. They Rode On
  7. 7. Sleepless Evil
  8. 8. The Wild Hunt
  9. 9. Outlaw
  10. 10. Ignem Veni Mittere
  11. 11. Holocaust Dawn

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 30
    Uppsala, Sweden Watain at Parksnäckan
  • Jun 19
    Clisson, France Hellfest 2020
  • Aug 14
    Las Vegas, NV, US Ty Segall with Blonde Redhead, Ulver, Kælan Mikla, and 9 more… at Psycho Las Vegas
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