New Releases For June 12, 2012

Walt Wilkins

Walt Wilkins - Plenty

'A few years ago I returned from a decade in Nashville to my home in the Texas hill country. Limestone cliffs overlooking mesquite, juniper and majestic matronly oak trees. Meandering blue-green rivers, great bald cypress and cottonwood trees on their banks, bar-b-que, Mexican, German & southern soul food.' -Walt Wilkins

Anchored by Austin & San Antonio, music here is a mix of jukebox country, blues, Tejano, storyteller folk, and cowboy songs. The folks and music here are unpretentious, generous, and occasionally wild as all hell. This record is in the spirit of gratefulness for having grown up here, and having come back home.

ARTIST SITE | RELEASED: June 12, 2012 ON Ride

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"Rain All Night"


  1. 1. Just Be
  2. 2. Hang On To Your Soul
  3. 3. Ain't It Just Like Love
  4. 4. Soft September Night
  5. 5. Something Like Heaven
  6. 6. Rain All Night
  7. 7. A Farm-To-Market Romance
  8. 8. Maybe Everybody Quit Cheatin'
  9. 9. Like Strother Martin
  10. 10. Gray Hawk
  11. 11. Under This Cottonwood Tree
  12. 12. Between Midnight And Day