New Releases For July 22, 2014

Wakey Wakey

Wakey Wakey - Salvation

Ever since his single, 'War Sweater,' jettisoned him into stardom (thanks to a game-changing plug on One Tree Hill), the indie-pop singer has built a following that's as passionate as his compositions. His fans have permanently inked his lyrics on their bodies (displayed on the W!W! Tattoos!!! Pinterest board).

In the ultimate gesture of support fans crowd-funded his band's self-released album, fittingly titled Salvation - and even exceeded the goal by 141 percent.

An MTV review notes, 'In a word: Wow. Ear to ear smiles. Seriously good stuff. Trust me.'

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"Wake Up (Lily, I Love You...)"


  1. 1. All It Takes Is A Little Love
  2. 2. Through The Night
  3. 3. Stop The World
  4. 4. Wake Up (Lily, I Love You...)
  5. 5. I Like You
  6. 6. Nothing's Cool
  7. 7. Anhedonia
  8. 8. Waste Away
  9. 9. Always and Forever
  10. 10. Salvation
  11. 11. Homeland

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