New Releases For August 4, 2017

Wage War

Wage War - Deadweight

A Day To Remember vocalist Jeremy McKinnon and Andrew Wade returned to produce Wage War's sophomore full-length Deadweight, which the band started writing immediately after they finished their debut and has some of the group’s most melodic moments as well as some of the heaviest to date. Lyrically, Deadweight sees the band exploring both personal to political issues in a way that's as raw and honest as the music that supports them. In a defining new era for the band, Wage War is certain to incite frenzied mosh pits for years to come, as the band displays an aggression that they've have only hinted at in the past.

TAGS: Hard Rock | Metal

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"Don’t Let Me Fade Away"


  1. 1. Two Years
  2. 2. Southbound
  3. 3. Don’t Let Me Fade Away
  4. 4. Stitch
  5. 5. Witness
  6. 6. Deadweight
  7. 7. Gravity
  8. 8. Never Enough
  9. 9. Indestructible
  10. 10. Disdain
  11. 11. My Grave Is Mine To Dig
  12. 12. Johnny Cash

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Apr 28
    Dallas, TX, US Wage War with Savage Hands at Prophet Bar Elm Street
  • May 01
    Springfield, MO, US Wage War with Kublai Khan and Savage Hands at The Riff
  • May 03
    Jacksonville, FL, US Welcome to Rockville 2019
  • May 03
    Birmingham, AL, US Wage War and Kublai Khan with Kubla Khan and Savage Hands at Zydeco
  • May 10
    Rockingham, NC, US Epicenter Festival 2019
  • May 13
    Hartford, CT, US Wage War with Kublai Khan, Savage Hands, and No Eye Has Seen at Webster Underground
  • May 14
    Amityville, NY, US Wage War with Kublai Khan, Savage Hands, and In Lucid Dreams at Revolution Bar & Music Hall
  • May 15
    Asbury Park, NJ, US Wage War and Kublai Khan at House of Independents
  • May 17
    Columbus, OH, US Sonic Temple Art & Music Festival 2019
  • May 24
    Camden, UK Wage War at The Camden Assembly
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