New Releases For January 22, 2013

Target Earth

Voivod - Target Earth

Target Earth brings back original bass player, Blacky (Jean Yves Thériault), marking his first recordings with the band since 1991's Angel Rat. It's also the first to feature guitarist, Chewy (Dan Mongrain), who cut his teeth playing guitar to the late Denis D'Amour's riffs and thus has matched his style to a tee.

Voivod, as a full group, hadn't sat down to write a record together since 2003's self-titled album. The end result harkens back to the group's late 80's output and after 30 years together as a band, one of their best yet!

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"Mechanical Mind"


  1. 1. Target Earth
  2. 2. Kluskap O'Kom
  3. 3. Empathy for the Enemy
  4. 4. Mechanical Mind
  5. 5. Warchaic
  6. 6. Resistance
  7. 7. Kaleidos
  8. 8. Corps Étranger
  9. 9. Artefact
  10. 10. Defiance

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