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Becoming A Jackal

Villagers - Becoming A Jackal

Young Dubliner Conor J. O'Brien -- or as he likes to call himself, Villagers -- is the mastermind behind the 11 varied, subtle, complex and plain gorgeous songs that are the album Becoming A Jackal. Conor played all the instruments (except strings and french horn) and Becoming A Jackal was recorded in Villagers home studio, with Tommy McLaughlin engineering and co-producing alongside Conor. Becoming A Jackal is a startling intro to the gripping poetry and melodic depth of Conor J. O'Brien.

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"Becoming A Jackal"


  1. 1. I Saw The Dead
  2. 2. Becoming A Jackal
  3. 3. Ship Of Promises
  4. 4. The Meaning Of the Ritual
  5. 5. Home
  6. 6. That Day
  7. 7. The Pact (I'll Be Your Fever)
  8. 8. Set The Tigers Free
  9. 9. Twenty-Seven Strangers
  10. 10. Pieces
  11. 11. To Be Counted Among Men

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Jun 29
    Bristol, UK Elbow and Villagers at Canon's Marsh Amphitheatre
  • Jun 30
    Halifax, UK Elbow with Villagers, Bill Ryder-Jones, Barns Courtney, and 1 more… at Piece Hall
  • Jul 01
    Galway, Ireland Galway Arts Festival 2019
  • Jul 12
    Dublin, Ireland Villagers with Aldous Harding at Iveagh Gardens
  • Jul 19
    Cork, Ireland Villagers at Cyprus Avenue
  • Jul 20
    Kilkenny, Ireland Villagers at Ballykeeffe Amphitheatre
  • Aug 01
    Bruges, Belgium Moods 2019
  • Aug 01
    Bangor, County Down, UK Open House Festival 2019
  • Aug 01
    Bangor, County Down, UK Open House Festival 2019
  • Aug 02
    Chaves, Portugal Festival N2 2019
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