New Releases For February 10, 2015

Vijay Iyer Trio
Break Stuff

Vijay Iyer Trio - Break Stuff

On “Work” from Break Stuff, Vijay pays homage to his “number one hero,” Thelonious Monk. “Countdown” reconsiders the classic Coltrane tune inside a rhythmic framework inspired by West African music. “Mystery Woman” is driven by compound pulses which owe a debt to South Indian drumming. Fast moving and quick-witted, the group has developed a strong musical identity of its own, with an emphasis on what Iyer calls “co-constructing,” exploring all the dynamics of playing together.

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"Break Stuff"


  1. 1. Starlings
  2. 2. Chorale
  3. 3. Diptych
  4. 4. Hood
  5. 5. Work
  6. 6. Taking Flight
  7. 7. Blood Count
  8. 8. Break Stuff
  9. 9. Mystery Woman
  10. 10. Geese
  11. 11. Countdown
  12. 12. Wrens