New Releases For February 26, 2013

an A.merican D.ream

Vietnam - an A.merican D.ream

Vietnam marks their long-awaited return with a new full-length album, an A.merican D.ream. Michael Gerner, the creative force behind Vietnam, is back for the first time in five years with a new six-piece lineup laying down their renowned signature cocktail of apocalyptic street blues, adding a new dimension to the instrumentation with a moog player and a violinist.

aAD is a cinematic dark concrete ride that revs through demons and detours with greasy grace.

Full US Tour through May, and performing at SXSW.

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"Kitchen Kongas"


  1. 1. A.D. Part I
  2. 2. Stucco Roofs
  3. 3. Kitchen Kongas
  4. 4. Fight Water With Fire
  5. 5. Yaz
  6. 6. 1.20.09
  7. 7. Flyin'
  8. 8. No Use In Cryin'
  9. 9. Blasphemy Blues
  10. 10. W.Orld W.Ar W.Orries
  11. 11. I Promise... Things Are Gonna Get Better