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Vic Chesnutt
Little (Vinyl)

Vic Chesnutt - Little (Vinyl)

For the first time, New West Records is proud to present Vic Chesnutt’s seminal first album Little, faithfully remastered for vinyl and complete with five bonus tracks. Originally produced by R.E.M.’s Michael Stipe, Little was the world’s introduction to Vic. Recorded and mixed in less than 24 hours, the recordings are sparse but potent and offer a glimpse into the mind of the now-revered songwriter who would have a prolific two-decade output.

“Little served notice of Chesnutt's singular gift for finding deep truths in the commonplace, and unfurled his affectionate embrace of the sad and funny foibles that comprise the bulk of our lives." - No Depression

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"Soft Picasso"


  1. SIDE ONE:
  2. 1. Isadora Duncan
  3. 2. Danny Carlisle
  4. 3. Gepetto
  5. 4. Bakersfield
  6. 5. Mr. Reilly
  7. 6. Rabbit Box
  8. 7. Speed Racer
  9. SIDE TWO:
  10. 1. Soft Picasso
  11. 2. Independence Day
  12. 3. Stevie Smith
  13. 4. Bernadette*
  14. 5. Vernon*
  15. 6. Acting So Bad*
  16. 7. Miss Mary*
  17. 8. Elberton Fair*
  18. *Bonus Tracks

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