New Releases For September 27, 2011

VHS or Beta
Diamonds And Death

VHS or Beta - Diamonds And Death

The first minute and a half of this album sounds like a creation of C + C Music Factory. Any campiness is quickly dispelled, though, and the vintage-inspired beats and synth sounds become super smooth but slightly lo-fi. Diamonds and Death - the first release in four years from dance rock duo VHS or Beta - is decidedly more dance and less rock. The band attributes this shift to a relocation from Kentucky to Brooklyn. The beats of 'I Found a Reason' and 'Jellybean' are particularly fresh.

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"Breaking Bones"


  1. 1. Breaking Bones
  2. 2. Under The Sun
  3. 3. Diamonds And Death
  4. 4. I found A Reason
  5. 5. Everybody
  6. 6. Watch Out
  7. 7. All Summer In A Day
  8. 8. Eyes
  9. 9. Jellybean
  10. 10. Over