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Various Artists
Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell

Various Artists - Master Mix: Red Hot + Arthur Russell

Master Mix embodies the genre-defying, experimental spirit that defined Arthur Russell's work. Living in the East Village from the '70s until his untimely death in 1992 at age 40 from AIDS-related causes, Russell moved effortlessly between the city's various music scenes, recording disco beats one night, and the next, crafting haunting tracks in his apartment with his cello and idiosyncratic warbling voice.

The record features 26 tracks by more than 20 artists, including Hot Chip, Sufjan Stevens, Phosphorescent, Blood Orange and Lonnie Holley, paying homage to Russell's boundless creativity and wide-ranging work, which swerved from electronic dance to folk to classical.


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"Sufjan Stevens: A Little Lost"


  1. 1. Jose Gonzalez: This Is How We Walk On The Moon
  2. 2. Lonnie Holley: Soon-To-Be Innocent Fun (Interlude)
  3. 3. Robyn: Tell You
  4. 4. Hot Chip: Go Bang
  5. 5. Sufjan Stevens: A Little Lost
  6. 6. Lonnie Holley: In The Light Of The Miracle (Interlude)
  7. 7. Richard Reed Parry{!} Little Scream{!} Sam Amidon{!} Colin Stetson & Sarah Neufeld: Keeping Up
  8. 8. Liam Finn{!} Ernie Brooks & Peter Zummo: This Love Is Crying
  9. 9. Rubblebucket & Nitemoves: Eli
  10. 10. The Revival Hour: Hiding Your Present From You
  11. 11. Sam Amidon: Lucky Cloud
  12. 12. Devendra Banhart: Losing My Taste For The Night Life
  13. 13. Phosphorescent: You Can Make Me Feel Bad
  14. 14. Blood Orange: Is It All Over My Face & Tower Of Meaning
  15. 15. Scissor Sisters: That's Us / Wild Combination
  16. 16. VEGA INTL.: Arm Around You
  17. 17. Oh Mercy: Planted A Thought
  18. 18. Lonnie Holley: Hop On Down (Interlude)
  19. 19. Cults: Being It
  20. 20. Richard Reed Parry: Just A Blip
  21. 21. Glen Hansard: I Couldn't Say It To Your Face
  22. 22. Thao & The Get Down Stay Down: Nobody Wants A Lonely Heart
  23. 23. The Autumn Defense: Oh Fernanda Why
  24. 24. Alexis Taylor: Our Last Night Together
  25. 25. Lonnie Holley: The Deer In The Forest (Interlude)
  26. 26. Redding Hunter: Close My Eyes