New Releases For January 26, 2010

Various Artists
Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010

Various Artists - Casual Victim Pile: Austin 2010

Casual Victim Pile = an anagram of 'Live Music Capital.' This compilation is only meant to reflect what I like in Austin circa 2008-2010, But there's something to be said for a highly arbitrary take on things.

There probably wasn't a focus group employed to select the repertoire for Matako Mazuri's Bands On The Block, Ward 9's Cottage Cheese From The Lips Of Death, and certainly not for the comp. which Casual Victim Pile mostly closely recalls (in my head anyway), Matador's 1991 opus with the ripped off title, New York Eye & Ear Control.

- Gerard Cosloy, Austin TX, 9/2009.

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"Follow That Bird! - The Ghosts That Wake You"


  1. Follow That Bird! - The Ghosts That Wake You
  2. The Young - Blister
  3. Woven Bones - Spirits Roam
  4. Flesh Lights - Crush On You
  5. Dikes Of Holland - Little City Girl
  6. Tre Orsi - The Engineer
  7. The Distant Seconds - Akron Bureau
  8. Kingdom Of Suicide Lovers - Hoboken Snow
  9. Elvis - Mommy's Little Soliders
  10. Love Collector - First 48
  11. Bad Sports - Can't Remember Your Name
  12. Wild America - Drink It Dry
  13. Harlem - Beautiful & Very Smart
  14. The Stuffies - No One's Gonna Miss You
  15. The Golden Boys - She Said it
  16. No No No Hopes - Nobody's Fool
  17. The Teeners - Nazi's On Film
  18. The Persimmons - The Notice
  19. Lost Controls - Entirely Wired For Sound