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Pain Again

Varials - Pain Again

Varials approach heavy music from a different angle altogether on their full-length debut, Pain Again. This mindset expands the possibilities of “heavy” throughout 12 brash, bruising, and brilliant anthems, with the band taking a collective step forward. Varials have been quietly working towards that “next step" since 2015. They collated ideas for what became Pain Again before entering the studio with producer Josh Schroeder (King 810) during early 2017. Booked for six weeks, they tracked everything in under two with Travis often impressively writing lyrics in the booth and on the spot. Ultimately, Varials tell the story in their own way, and it’s bound to make a big impact.

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"Anything To Numb"


  1. 1. The New Damnation
  2. 2. God Talk
  3. 3. Anything To Numb
  4. 4. E.D.A
  5. 5. Colder Brother
  6. 6. Pain Again
  7. 7. Abacus
  8. 8. Empire Of Dirt
  9. 9. Deadweather II
  10. 10. Deliverance
  11. 11. To Lay In Sin

Upcoming Tour Dates

  • Feb 24
    Hartford, CT, US Kublai Khan with I Am, Varials, The Days Ahead, and 2 more… at Webster Underground
  • Feb 27
    Syracuse, NY, US Kublai Khan with I Am and Varials at Spark Contemporary Art Space
  • Feb 28
    Toledo, OH, US Kublai Khan with I Am, Varials, Northern Shores, and 1 more… at Frankie's
  • Mar 01
    Kent, OH, US Kublai Khan with I Am, Varials, Ivy League, and 1 more… at The Outpost Concert Club
  • Mar 02
    Indianapolis, IN, US Kublai Khan with Varials and I Am at Hoosier Dome
  • Mar 03
    Shawnee, KS, US Kublai Khan and Varials at Aftershock
  • Mar 04
    Springfield, MO, US Kublai Khan with Varials and I Am at The Outland Ballroom
  • Mar 05
    Nashville, TN, US Kublai Khan with Varials, I Am, and moru at The End
  • Mar 06
    Greenville, SC, US Varials, I Am, and Kublai Khan at The Firmament
  • Mar 07
    Virginia Beach, VA, US Kublai Khan with I Am, Varials, deathsinger, and 3 more… at Shaka's Live
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