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Between The Fog And Shadows

Vardan - Between The Fog And Shadows

The New Era Of Black Metal = Vardan

Vardan stands at the forefront of the modern Black Metal/Doom/Atmospheric Scene. Breaking expectations, bending boundaries, destroying the norm - treading new ground for the entire Black Metal genre… while forging a new path that is uniquely Vardan’s. Chronologically the 19th album in the band's vast discography, Between The Fog And Shadows is Vardan’s most thorough exploration of solitude yet.

“It is so rare for someone to make the sound of destructive ruin quite so heart-wrenchingly beautiful" -

“The riffs and melancholy mood draw you in." -

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"Between The Fog And Shadows"


  1. 1. Between The Fog And Shadows
  2. 2. Solitary Death Of A Forest Spirit
  3. 3. Of Dead Dreams Through Funeral Eyes

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